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Soldiers of the Task Force 04 were able to capture Nedunkerni in Mullaithiv district today (21st). Nedunkerni is of strategic importance as it’s one of the main townships located along road which connects Vavuniya and Mullaithiv. Troops have been laying siege to this town for 2 days and were able to take complete control of it by today morning.

Meanwhile the LTTE launched a large scale counterattack in northern front yesterday (20th). The counterattack originated from north of Iranamadu and it was evident that the LTTE had used it’s best cadres equipped with body armor and helmets. SLA units fought valiantly but had to abandon half a kilometer stretch of land (which was recently captured). Around 30 soldiers were killed in this incident. Confirmed LTTE casualty details are not available as of this moment. SLA have been expecting LTTE counterattacks from direction of Iranamadu. Despite these attacks, SLA operations are continuing in this area.

Meanwhile LTTE radio transmissions have revealed that two of their senior female sea tiger cadres had gone missing on the 19th, after the SLAF conducted an airstrike near the Nayaru lagoon. Both were regional leaders of the LTTE and were identified as Siran and Suhandini. The LTTE also lost a vessel used for arms transport last week.

(Defence Net)


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