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Fierce clashes erupted between the Sri Lanka army and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on Friday (1st) when the tigers resisted the SLA push towards Mallavi. The tigers mounted an attack on soldiers constructing defenses on newly captured areas south of Mallavi. 21 SLA soldiers were killed and 55 were wounded in the clash. At least 20 LTTE cadres were killed and over 30 were wounded.

Some pro LTTE media reported that a Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) of the army was captured by the tigers in this battle. This claim is inaccurate but the tigers did capture a jeep transporting SLA casualties from the front line. 3 SLA soldiers on board the jeep were killed and their bodies were captured by the tigers.

Despite high LTTE resistance, SLA operations in south of Mallavi and Tunukkai are still continuing. High resistance in these areas is understandable as the fall of wither town will effectively bring the de facto capital of the LTTE, Kilinochchi, within SLA’s artillery range. The LTTE has deployed fighters from their Imran Pandiyan and Charles Anthiny regiments to Mallavi and Tunukkai to face the regular infantry units of the 57 division.

(Defence Net)


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