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More than 30 LTTE cadres including 2 Lt. Colonels of LTTE’s elite Charles Anthony brigade, were killed in fierce firefights that raged in Mallavi today (25th). Fighting broke out when advancing troops of the 57 division were met with a medium scale LTTE counter offensive near Vavunikulam tank. 57 division soldiers, assisted by the army’s special forces units, were able to successfully resist the LTTE attempt to regain control of area surrounding the tank.

Troops have so far been able to find 33 bodies (27 male and 6 female) of slain LTTE cadres. In addition to the individuals identified as Pallawan (LT. Colonel) and Ambumanii (Major), 6 more senior cadres from the Charles Anthony brigade have been killed in battle. Troops have also recovered a large haul of arms and ammunition left behind by the tigers.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Navy  FACs attacked a LTTE boat movement off Mullaithivu coast yesterday (24th) evening. A group of 10 small LTTE boats were targeted by the gunboats and 3 of them submerged after taking damage. Naval commandos from the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) were also deployed for this mission.

(Defence net)

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LTTE Suffers biggest ever defeat since the start of this war. Over 50 LTTE, including 30+ Charles Anthony Unit cadres, including the unit’s Deputy Leader killed. One more team trapped. Number of LTTE killed in SF operations further north still to come.

The General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 57 Division, Major General Jagath Dias (Chula Dias), a brilliant officer and commander, made a surprise move yesterday at Vaunikulam by ordering his troops from the 57 Division and Special Forces to bypass LTTE camps and to station themselves to the rear of the enemy, thus fully confusing LTTE units prepared and waiting for a fight.

With this dazzling move, LTTE units, including two teams of Charles Anthony ‘Special Forces’ units got caught in the Army’s net in the general area south of Mallavi. By this time, SF troops and 57 Division troops that had advanced further north had stationed themselves brilliantly to receive retreating Charles Anthony unit cadres.

The retreating Tigers went straight into the 57 Division’s waiting hands. One team of Charles Anthony, led by the Deputy Leader of the unit, Pullaivan, was trapped and later killed by 57 troops along with 21 others from the same unit by the evening. All 22 bodies, including that of Pullaivan, were recovered.

After this fatal blow, around 9pm yesterday, LTTE units led by Lakshman, Bhanu and Lawrence launched a rescue mission to save the trapped cadres. Fighting continued till 2am until the Tigers ran helter skelter carrying whatever remained of their cadres. This resulted in at least 30 other LTTE cadres getting killed.

Currently, one more team of Charles Anthony unit is trapped and fighting for their lives in this area. Sources told this site confidentially that this team will be annihilated within a few hours.

When the 57 and SF troops hoodwinked the Tigers and moved to its rear, they were able to capture a hoard of LTTE weapons including a 120mm canon, two 81mm mortar launchers and tubes, tractors, other vehicles etc. In this limited operation launched towards the bund of the Vavunikulam Tank, around 11 LTTE cadres, including the local area leader Anbu, were killed and bodies recovered.

The Army lost a young Lieutenant in the counter offensive and five soldiers.

(Defence Wire)

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Sri Lankan Security Forces’s (SF) Deep penetration unit (DPU), targeted a motorbike traveling through Kokkavil and killed The Deputy Planning Director of Poonakari (Pooneryn) division and a development official at Killinochchi District Secretariat (DS), Santhalingam Vimalakumar, 33.

On June 29th, the DPU targeted a motorbike traveling through Thunukai and killed The Divisional Secretary (AGA) of Thunukkaay division of Mullaiththeevu district, Mr. N. Nanthakumar, 36, father of three-month-old baby girl.

A 16 year old student was killed in DPU attack on June 25in Annatheavan madu, Kuzhavisuddaan in Nedungkeanni, Vanni area including his father and three other brothers of victim were injured.

Sri Lankan DPU attacks increased in Vanni area, and last January a school bus in Chinna Pandivirichan area and detonated a claymore attack on a school bus. Claymore attacked killed at least 20 people including 11 school children, the school principal and 3 teachers among the dead and at least 14 other people also wounded, as the school bus was traveling from Thadchanamaruthamu to Pallamadu carrying school children came under claymore attack.

Three decades old civil war in Sri Lanka killed at least 215,000 people according to the surveys done by the UN World Health Organization and data released by them recently.

At least half a million people internally displaced and over million people externally displaced. At least 5,800 people have been killed in last two years alone, a right group said.

(Tamile Elam News)


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